My last year of full-time teaching was at St. John the Baptist Catholic Grade School in Longmont, Colorado. At the end of the school year, after I had informed parents that I wouldn't be returning to St. John's, many emailed to me some very nice notes. Shown below are excerpts from some of the notes I received.

"Marco thoroughly enjoyed every moment he was in your class.  You challenged him to grow as a student, while at the same time being patient with him.  We are disappointed that future SJB families will not get to experience your enthusiasm and passion." - Frank and Christine Cavalier

"You make school fun! Caitlyn was excited to go to school in the mornings." - Faby and Jeff Carmichael

"Rylan had an amazing year with you!!!! He has always liked school and done well, but this year he really blossomed... He used to hate reading and now I find him with his nose in a book!!!” - Romi Cooney


"Jaxon had such a great year with you! Whenever I was in your classroom I was always amazed at how well you handled all those boys. You did an amazing job at using their competitive spirit as an advantage… Academically, Jaxon had the best year he has had." - Susan Grable 

"You really helped open Kyler's eyes as well as ours to the classroom setting he is most productive in. Due to your understanding as well as consistency, Kyler has had a very productive year." - Renee Pavlik

"You have been a fantastic teacher for both our girls. I sincerely appreciate your patience and kindness." - Gary and Imelda Snisky