Popsicle Sticks: Teacher Picks

Popsicle Sticks: Teacher Picks is an educational app that I developed. It replaces a teacher's mug of popsicle sticks. Use it to randomly and effectively select and group students, to create classroom tournaments, and to score responses during class discussions. It is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. (The Android version does not include the tournament feature.) If you have questions about the app, feel free to drop me an email at neiledaly@msn.com 

Check out some of its features below:

Random Select


Select students randomly one student at a time. Use the "Random Bar" slider to precisely set the "randomness" of the next selection; from "uncalled students only" to "completely random" (and everywhere in-between). And although your students may not always love being selected, they will love hearing your phone say their name when you turn on the text-to-voice feature.



The newest feature of Popsicle Sticks! With just a few taps, create a class tournament for almost any game (educational or otherwise). You can set it up for students to compete individually or in teams. You control the composition of the teams and the number of games. Choose from round-robin, single-elimination, or the super-easy "quick-tournament". Record game results with a single tap. Popsicle Sticks will keep track of the standings, and, if you'd like, automatically slot the best players (or teams) into an end-of-tournament playoff! May the best kid win! 

Random Groups


 Put students into random groups with just a couple taps. If the groups need a little tweaking, you can "swap" students with the Swap button. Utilize the Share button to export the groups (onto a white board, for example). And if you're planning to use the same groups tomorrow, just tap "Save".  

Random Lists


Random List displays your class list in random order. Need a better system to choose the next student to take down attendance or to choose a birthday donut? Random List is the answer. Use it to display your class list in random order. Create, save, and export random lists for just about anything.