Below are some of the rubrics and other evaluative tools I've created for assessment. I use rubrics often to evaluate student work and I have my students use them to assess their own work.
Summarizing: I created the following rubric to assist students in writing summaries.
Board Game: During a study of nonfiction students read a variety of short books.  Near the end of the unit I had the students design board games in small groups.  All the students had a chance to play each others' games.  They used the rubric I designed (below) to assess their classmates' work.
Persuasive Essays: I created the rubric below and shared it with my teammates.  We used it (as did the students) to assess persuasive essays that the children had written.
Math Constructed Response: I developed the follwing rubric to assess students' constructed responses to a math problem.
Writing Narratives: My 7th grade students and I created the following rubrics to assist in writing personal narratives as well as fiction.
Neil E. Daly
Elementary School Teacher
Regis University
M.A. Degree in Elem. Education
Regis University
B.S. Degree in Mathematics
Assessment and Evaluation