Squaresville (Used during a "Junior Geographers" social studies unit):
Holiday Connections: I often have students rotate through various "centers" during math (I call them "connections").  Each center contains a different activity.  For the holidays, I created various "12-Days" Connections (like the ones shown below).  For each of 12 days, students completed activities and earned "tickets" as they did so.  At the end of each class we put all the tickets in a hat and I "drew" 5 or 6 of them.  The winning students ate lunch with me in the classroom.
Crayfish: For many years I had my students bring in crayfish that they had found in nearby creeks and lakes.  We put them in a big tub filled with water, rocks, duckweed, etc. and studied them during science for a few weeks.  At the end of the unit we took a field trip to Chatfield Reservoir and set our crayfish free.  Shown below is one of the activities the students completed. 
Andy Griffith Show Review: I often teach an "Andy Griffith Show" unit.  I provide a note packet to each of the students and we watch a few of the classic episodes.  We fill out a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Barney and Gomer; complete a story map for the "Convicts at Large" episode; list the pros and cons of electing Floyd to the City Council; etc.  To culminate the unit, students write a review of the series (below).  
Neil E. Daly
Elementary School Teacher
Mountain Man Simulation: The students loved this activity.  On the first day, the kids brought in blankets from home and draped them over their desks to create forts.  They then chose to be a trapper or a trader.  The goal was to "survive" by accumulating as much product as possible.
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